Burlington Snow Removal Guidelines

My neighbour and I were recently joking about the fact that it had been a week since the most recent snow storm and our residential street was still snow covered. I decided it might be worth a quick call to the City to gain a thorough understanding of snow removal policies and expectations. This is what I found.

When a winter event starts the sand and salt trucks are dispatched on primary roads followed by secondary roads. After the snowfall reaches 2” on primary and secondary roads the snowplows are sent out to clear them. Once snowfall accumulations reach 3” on residential streets the plows will be sent to clear these streets. The City of Burlington’s aim is to have all roads in the City plowed within 24 hours of the end of a snowfall. The City’s first priority is to keep the main roads clear. They ask you not to call to report your residential street unplowed until 24 hours have passed since the end of a snowfall.

Sidewalk Snow Removal

I was surprised to learn that the City of Burlington is responsible for clearing snowfall from all sidewalks – including residential sidewalks – once accumulation reaches 2”. When snowfalls accumulate less than 5” of snow the City’s goal is to have all sidewalks plowed within 24 hours of the conclusion of the snowfall. Priority will be placed on primary and secondary sidewalks followed by residential sidewalks.

Snowfall accumulations between 5” and 12” alter the City’s goal for sidewalk clearing as follows:

• Primary Sidewalks – 18 hours after snowfall conclusion
• Secondary Sidewalks – 36 hours after snowfall conclusion
• Residential Sidewalks – 72 hours after snowfall conclusion

When snowfalls accumulate in excess of 12” the City will do its best to clear the snow as soon as possible. The City will salt and sand primary and secondary sidewalks only when extremely slippery conditions exist.

Now that I have done the leg work I have realistic expectations of the City of Burlington with regard to snow removal. I hope this has given you similar perspective. Should you need to get in touch with the City to report an unplowed street based on the above guidelines they can be reached at 905-335-7777.


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