The Regional Municipality of Halton Basement Flood Prevention Subsidy Program

A flooded basement is one of the worst surprises a homeowner can come home to realize. Water can find its way in to your home in a number of different ways. I am always an advocate of being proactive to keep your home tight and dry. As such, I feel it is important to share the news that the Regional Municipality of Halton is currently offering a Basement Flood Prevention Subsidy, for as much as $2,725.

This Subsidy is available to:

• Halton residents who have a history of basement floods caused by a backup or surcharge of the sanitary sewer system.


• Halton residents who have not experienced flooding but would like to correct improper storm water connections and install a backwater valve.

A surcharge is an overloaded sewer as a result of severe rainstorms. The sewers become overloaded due to excessive water flow from downspouts, weeping tiles/Foundation Drains and sump pumps that are connected to lines designated for sanitary sewer flows.

A backwater valve is a valve installed where the main-sewer clean out is located. The Mainline Fullport backwater valve is the only one that can be used in Ontario. It allows the sewer line to still vent gasses caused by positive or negative pressure, but will close to protect the home in the event of a surcharge.

What Subsidy Amounts Are Available to Homeowners?

Disconnection of Downspouts that used to tie in to the weeping system then into the sewer: ½ of all costs up to a maximum $250.

Weeping Tile Disconnection/Sump Pump Installation: ½ of the invoiced total by the contractor up to a maximum of $1,800.

Backwater Valve purchase and installation: ½ of the invoiced total by contractor up to a maximum of $675. In order to qualify for the Backwater Valve portion for the subsidy homeowners must demonstrate they do not have any downspout or weeping tile/foundation drain connections to the sanitary sewer.

The funding available for the Basement Flood Prevention Subsidy is limited and will only be distributed while funds last. This funding is also on a first come, first-served basis so be expedient in the process if you wish to take part. Would be participants start with a Household Drainage Survey to evaluate the extent of the work to be done and eligible subsidy amounts. It is worth mentioning that if you do proceed with the program reimbursement is not provided for interior finishes such as drywall, paint or flooring or exterior restoration such as landscaping, gardening, porches, decks concrete or asphalt etc;

Should you wish to proceed with this process you should contact the Program Coordinator Matt Stefanik at 905-825-6000 ext. 7918. The link below will provide all of the specific details on the Basement Flood Prevention Subsidy program. This generous offer from the Regional Municipality of Halton is time sensitive. Should you have concern about your basement flooding, call soon.

CLICK HERE for Basement Flood Prevention Subsidy Program Details Specifics


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